Donate Appreciated Stock

Donating Appreciated Stock is easy!

Giving long-term (owned more than a year), appreciated securities may provide greater benefits to you and Chinmaya Mission Portland!

Thank you for considering a gift of appreciated stock to Chinmaya Mission Portland.


Rohan wants to donate $50,000 to CMP. After comparing the cash versus stock option, he learns that he will have tax savings of $6,000 with a gift of stock.

Donate Cash

Cost = $50,000

Donate Appreciated Stock

Original cost of stock = $10,000
Current value of stock = $50,000
Capital gains tax saving = 15% capital gains rate * $40,000 gain = $6,000 tax savings
Cost after-tax-savings = $44,000 (Note: For capital gains tax savings, stock must be held by donor for at least year prior to donation)

How is the transfer initiated?

Contact your broker for their form or instructions for a DTC or partial transfer. Example with TD Ameritrade partial transfer form is in this link.

PLEASE NOTE the above link is ONLY an example, we can accept stocks from ANY brokerage firm.

You want an electronic transfer, not share certificates. Generally, your broker will need the following information in writing:

* Name of the account holder (i.e. you and perhaps your spouse)
* Your brokerage account number and possibly your Social Security number
* Your contact information (telephone, email)
* Number of shares and symbol of shares to be transferred.
* Where to send the shares (PLEASE be exact and clear):

o Name of the brokerage: TD Ameritrade (Chinmaya Mission Portland’s brokerage)
o Name on the account: Chinmaya Mission Portland
o Account number: 489045518
o DTC Number: 0188

* Your signature.

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